Cambridge English Examination Centre ES049, un dels centres d’exàmens de Cambridge English mes antics en Catalunya, ha estat operatiu en Reus durant més de 25 anys.

Oferim tota la gamma de Cambridge English Examinations, des de Young Learners Examinations (YLE) al Proficiency (CPE).

BEC (Professional Business Examinations)

Si us plau, llegir la informació important referent als mòbils i dispositius electrònics en el següent enllaç: MÒBILS

Young Learners

Cambridge English: Young Learners is a series of fun, motivating English language tests, aimed at children in primary and lower-secondary education. There are three activity-based tests – Starters, Movers and Flyers. This gives students a clear path to improve in English.

General English and For Schools

Our exams give you essential English skills for life, helping to improve your opportunities for work, study and travel. Three of our most widely taken exams have versions aimed specifically at school-age learners and are part of our Cambridge English for Schools range of exams.

Academic and Professional English

Whether you’re applying for an English-speaking job, a university place or a student visa, a Cambridge English exam can help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

Business English

Our exams for work and business cover a range of levels and have been designed by experts.  This means you can find your level and progress your Business English step by step, gradually gaining the confidence to use your language skills in the international world of work.